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I am a licensed psychotherapist, an AASECT certified sex therapist, a PhD level clinical sexologist, a Shakti Yoga facilitator, a Tantra teacher, a coach, as well as a somatic therapist. While those are my credentials, you have probably been led here because you sense some deeper medicine present. It is also necessary that  I tell you that I am a white, cis-gender heterosexual woman. As such, I have become aware that who I am (in all my privilege) fits into a broken system. To be honest, I am continuously working to decolonize my life and my practice and work toward more connection and relationship with Mother Earth (and it’s not always perfect, but it’s not about perfection). As a holistic therapist, sex therapist, and coach, my focus is on self connection through exploration and healing. All to help you get to know and accept your true, genuine Self. I want nothing more than to let go of all the expectations, agenda, and judgements and to unapologetically align with all the pleasures of life, while also confronting my shadows and befriending my edges. Let me share a little about my journey.

Holistic therapist Dr. Alexandria Saunders in the snow

A few fun things about me: I live in a beautiful valley in southwestern Montana originally referred to as the Valley of  the Flowers by the original stewards of this land, the Bannock, the Blackfeet, the Crow, the Flathead, the Shoshone and the Absaroka people. This was was neutral land honored by many people. I live here with my husband, our sweet and spicy daughter (gingers unite), our pup Yena and kitty Luna. I love all things Star Trek and in my spare time, you  can find me building Lego, eating popcorn (I am an unapologetic ugly popcorn eater), or reading fantasy romance (the spicier, the better).

I am eternally grateful for thousands of hours of clinical training (though it sucked in the moment because I wasn’t very good at balancing work with pleasure), in-person practice, supervision, and study, as that has led me toward a new, though very old, path full of embodying the ancient wisdom in my bones (and all the pleasure that comes with). I place high value on all the lessons I have learned and love science, though have found that my lens has become wider to allow for intuitive medicine integrated with scientific study. Read more below.


(Keep reading to discover how I aligned my medicine with my values, turning away from a broken system)

I am free from the medical model of emotional and sexual health.

holistic therapist Dr. Alexandria Saunders

Holistic Therapist Alexandria Saunders

For years, I have worked within a model that prioritizes medically-necessary treatment (I always hated this system, but was too afraid of my inner wisdom to listen to it). This model forced me to diagnose, to focus on symptoms, and to be goal-oriented in the medicine I offer. Not only goal-oriented, but focus solely on goals specific to a formal treatment plan, thus forgoing the person coming to work with me each week. This model also ignored the reality that much of the suffering people experience is consistent with the traumas people have experienced, the collective pain, and the wounding of the current world (and not something being innately wrong with people). This vision did not sit well with the everflowing humanity and spirituality of the people I was serving.

The medical model and the systematic expectations of medical insurance focus on symptomology and diagnosis as the core focal point of people seeking help.  It fits into the wounding of society and the world, as it views people as broken because they do not fit into a colonized system. It prioritizes prescription as intense intervention and behavior changes to altar the self to better fit into the brokenness of this world. A broken system with flawed treatment for a wounded world.

Upon entering into the licensed world of therapy, I discovered just how flawed the system is. I discovered just how white-washed and oppressive this system can be. As a white, cis-gender, heterosexual woman, I no longer wanted to be a part of such colonization of emotional and sexual health and well-being. I whole-heartedly recognize that this system benefits my privilege and this is not in alignment with my spirituality, my humanity or my values.

It is because of these reasons that I decided to leave the medical system and shift my paradigm to be in better alignment with my values, both professional and personal, as they are one in the same (or I continuously strive for them to be on the same page). Making the decision to step away from this flawed system took years of contemplation (and shame, inner judgment, and all out battling with my inner wisdom). While this ancient vision of healing was always in my bones, I was afraid that I would not be able to sustain such a shift. My fears were rooted in pain and not aligned with my true power and knowing of my gifts.

Because I refuse to be a part of such a broken system, I no longer accept medical insurance and have integrated a private pay system. This shift allows me to serve people as they are, utilizing a holistic and often spiritual lens and allowing the person in front of me to come as they are, without judgement or forced expectations. I use a holistic lens to intuitively guide me to offer the medicine that I feel called to bring into this world. I work with those who seek to invest in themselves and to break free from an oppressed system of emotional health, sexual health and overall well being, while integrating spirituality into healing.

I understand that moving to a private pay system may limit some people from seeking my services. I recognize the financial barrier and after years of contemplation and self reflection, I can no longer be a part of colonized medicine. I do not want to perpetuate collective suffering and colonialism through my service of others. I no longer want to participate in a patriarchal worldview of suffering and brokenness. If you resonate with this, contact me with the link below.


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