Orgasmic Queen

Orgasm Course for Women

Orgasmic Queen is an orgasm course designed specifically for women

Are you considering an orgasm course, but wondering why traditional tips and techniques haven’t worked for you?

If you’re a woman who wants to awaken your full orgasmic potential, you need to look beyond just the physical aspects of having an orgasm.  For women, the key to experiencing earth-shattering pleasure starts in the mind, not just the body.

Unlike other courses, Dr. Alexandria Saunders’ orgasm course doesn’t focus on the physical mechanics of having an orgasm because this is not what’s holding you back. Instead, Orgasmic Queen focuses on reprogramming your thinking to overcome mental blocks and unleash your full orgasmic potential.

Are you ready to tap into the power of your mind and experience pleasure like never before? Enroll in Orgasmic Queen today and unlock the path to mind-blowing pleasure!

Orgasmic Queen is a 3 phase Hypnosis-Based Orgasm Course

Orgasmic Queen is a 3 phase reprogramming designed to usher you into a world of pleasure.

Through each phase, you will be focusing on a different aspect of pleasure, starting with the body.

First, it is through deepening the relationship with your body and loving the perfection that you are that you will feel more confident in fully receiving your birthright of pleasure, loving the every inch of yourself and giving into sweet bliss.

Next, you will guided to fully embody pleasure in every cell of your exquisite body. Finally, you will be given a reprogramming to expand your orgasmic energy through your entire body.

Allow the sweet surrender of arousal to flood your system slowly, giving you the most delicious pleasure you could possibly imagine.

What makes Orgasmic Queen Different than other orgasm courses?

Orgasmic Queen uses a holistic approach using hypnosis to reprogram your thinking about orgasm and pleasure.

Rather than simply providing tips or techniques, Orgasmic Queen delves deeper into the root of any mental blocks or negative beliefs that may be inhibiting your ability to fully enjoy your sexuality. Through a series of carefully crafted hypnosis sessions, you’ll be able to release any limiting beliefs and tap into your full potential for orgasmic pleasure.

This course is designed specifically for women and is taught by a certified clinical hypnotherapist and sex therapist with years of experience helping women unlock their sexual potential. With Orgasmic Queen, you’ll learn to embrace your sexuality, release shame and guilt, and awaken your inner sexual goddess.

Enroll now to become an Orgasmic Queen today!

Are you ready to become an Orgasmic Queen?

This 3 part series focuses on a woman’s birthright of pleasure. This series is intended to offer your subconscious gentle, yet affirmative reprogramming. Instead of holding onto the beliefs that you are not enough, or that you do not deserve pleasure, or that Earth-shaking orgasms are never going to happen for you, you are invited to welcome a new truth that will serve your highest sacred sexual self. The portals in this series will penetrate your core to uncover the truth: you have a sovereign birthright to the deepest pleasure possible

Trying to talk the self out of a thought pattern is a behavior that we often try with no real effect. Often, a woman will try to tell herself “I am worthy no matter what,” or “my body is exquisite just as it is,” or “pleasure is my fucking birthright.” We use affirmations and repetition and is still doesn’t work! 

The reason “talking” ourselves out of something doesn’t work is because we are in our conscious brain. For many of us, the lessons that caused the belief to be imprinted occurred a long time ago and are stored in the subconscious mind. These lessons became settled in our subconscious mind through wounded and distorted programming. Often, these lessons were first taught before the age of 6. Even if the lessons are surrounding sexuality and you never experienced direct sexual trauma as a child, virtually all of us experienced lessons related to our body. We were told “don’t touch that,” “cover up,” “put clothes on,” “don’t let anyone see that,” and so on and so on. 

It was through these lessons that we integrated beliefs about our bodies and sexuality and pleasure that conflict with our birthright. It is because of this conflict that we seek methods deep within ourselves to heal these wounds so we can truly embody pleasure. 

This series is meant to be listened to for at least 21 days, though you are welcome to listen to it as long as you want and revisit it whenever you feel called. Each portal is intended to build off of the one before. With this understanding, it is best listened to daily for 7 days before moving on to the next in the series, for a total of 21 days. Hypnosis is incredibly effective at establishing new truths and the most effective way to get the most out of these recordings is to listen consistently for at least 21 days. Repetition is key, as you have most likely had decades of believing something else, so give your subconscious a chance to learn something new with devoted repetition. 

The first portal in the series “Body Perfection” will work to install new beliefs that honor the beautiful, perfect, captivating woman that you are. Then, you will move into the portal “Embodied Pleasure” where you will receive the truth that pleasure is your birthright, without question. Finally, you are invited to the portal “Orgasmic Expansion” where you will receive a truth of orgasmic possibility. 

Through the progression of these reprogramming, your mind, body, and heart will expand with pleasure and potency of confidence, all to invite you to reclaim your sacred sexual birthright of pleasure. Listen over and over if it serves you. Dive into the depths of your core and surrender to a new truth, the truth that you are perfect, your body is exquisite, you are worthy of pleasure, and you have all you need to expand orgasmic energy within your own body. Enjoy, Orgasmic Queen!!

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If you’re looking to delve deeper into the realm of sexuality and heal the wounds related to orgasms or sex, please contact me. I offer intimate and personalized sessions.  Let’s connect so that you can discover the transformative power of sexuality and its potential to bring greater joy and fulfillment into your life.

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Dr. Alexandria Saunders

As a holistic healer, Dr. Alexandria Saunders left a broke, flawed system of medical mental and sexual health and shifted into the depths of her inner knowing and feeling, sourced from ancient wisdom in her heart. It is through this wisdom and healing the these offerings are brought to you.


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