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Alexandria Saunders, Sexologist Therapist

As a PhD sexologist and AASECT certified sex therapist, Dr Alexandria has invaluable clinical training. However, she felt a calling early on in her healing and medicine journey to the spiritual side of sexuality. With studies in Tantra and Shakti Yoga, she began to embody the path of a sacred sexuality temple keeper, a Tantrika, and a Yoni healing Queen, practicing and coaching others to live a life in alignment with deep pleasure and purpose, fully inhabiting the Divinity of the Self.

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With an abundance of sacred space holding, Dr. Alexandria has a celebratory approach with sexuality. It is through deep healing of wounds from the past that we remember our birthright of pleasure. Through a multitude of approaches, the medicine you receive will be intuitively guided.

To name just a few of the things that Dr. Alexandria is passionate about: restoring body and sexual safety, healing from sexual trauma, learning to give and receive pleasure (including oral), de-armouring of the body and the Yoni, ritual living for pleasure, cyclical living, voice activation, touching practices, sex magic, feminine energy, inner sacred union, breath work, learning to touch the self for the highest pleasure possible (even squirting!),  learning to love the body as is, reprogramming harmful lessons of the patriarchy, healing from religious sexual trauma and shame, positions for pleasure, womb healing and connection, Shakti yoga and movement, sensual living, learning to ask for what you want, heart expansion, boundary setting, luxurious living, Lingam love and massage, Yoni love and massage, fantasies, fetishes, past life regression, celebrating the entire rainbow of gender and sexuality, and so much more!!

Frequently asked questions

If you’re considering working with a sexologist therapist, you may have some questions about sex coaching and sex therapy. To help answer your questions, I’ve put together a list of the most frequently asked questions about sex coaching. Read more about sex coaching before your session with Sexologist & Therapist Alexandria Saunders.

Sex coaching is a modality for healing and integrating anything and everything related to the sexual (as Dr. Alexandria is clinically trained and unites the clinical with the sacred).

While Dr. Alexandria is an ASSECT certified sex therapist, her work integrates Tantric practices, sacred sexuality rituals, Yoni healing, Yoni de-armouring, body de-armouring, bodywork, movement rituals, underworld journeys, subconscious reprogramming, and so much more!

Dr. Alexandria honors the clinical training she received and chooses to hold herself more in the sacred space than the clinical, as such, she calls her work coaching and not therapy.

Sex coaching does not focus on the medical model of sex. Instead, the focus is on full integration of the sexual self through deep healing.

While sex coaching does not align with the medical model (though Dr. Alexandria is a clinically trained and board certified sex therapist), it can still help with a extremely wide range of sexual health issues (if these are issues that led you here), including but not limited to anatomy specific sexual disorders (such as Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation, Female Orgasmic Disorder, Dyspareunia, etc.), intimacy issues within a relationship, sexual function, and performance concerns, arousal and/or pleasure issues, problems related to desire and/or pain, gender, and sexual orientation, etc.

Sex coaching does not require something to be “wrong” so to speak. Rather, the focus can be on cultivating the most delicious life of pleasure. Often it’s through reprogramming to remember your birthright to pleasure. Sometimes it’s about coming into relationship with the body in the most intimate of ways.  And sometimes it involves healing wounds from the past that are lodged in the body and the heart and make receiving and giving pleasure so challenging.

Sex coaching can be applied to an individual or those in relationship. It can work with communication, pleasure, increased sensitivity, deep intimate connection, healing sexual trauma, empowering sexual fantasy and desire, de-armouring of the body and Yoni, Tantric massage, reclaiming sexuality and pleasure, and so much more!

You might be surprised to discover how much of your struggles are rooted in sexuality.

Sexual healing can be applied to an individual or couple. Sometimes, Dr. Alexandria may ask to invite the partner (if there is one) to the healing process so that both partners can work together for shared intimacy, but a relationship is not necessary.

Sex coaching provides the space to exhale and explore a basic part of ourselves that we often shy away from. At times, it can also be graphic, explicit, and even challenging. It may take a willingness to be uncomfortable in order to move forward and reduce overall suffering. But you are never forced to talk about anything. Sometimes, it is through releasing words that deep healing can occur. Education is always utilized to rebuild a healthy attitude and understanding of sexuality.

Dr. Alexandria fully supports, affirms, and celebrates any and all sexual and gender identities: LGBTQQIP2SAA+

It doesn’t matter if your identity changes day to day or moment to moment, you will be celebrated and seen for exactly who you are in this space together.

Depending on the issues presented, Dr. Alexandria may refer to a physician or pelvic floor specialist for an exam, depending on the symptoms. Sometimes, a medical exam is needed to rule out possible causes of discomfort, but not always and it is never a requirement.

Pelvic floor specialists may provide further information, as well as physical tools that could aid in reducing the intensity of symptoms.

Sometimes other forms of healing may be interwoven into the experience, depending on presenting issues and concerns that may arise.

Dr. Alexandria offers a wide range of approaches to sexual medicine, including somatic healing, hypnosis, tantra rituals, touching practices, movement and bodywork and so much more! All to restore body and sexual safety.

Yes! There is always homework with healing. Sometimes, there is very specific homework prearranged and clarified during the session. This could include touching exercises or games to play, as well as communication exercises. Often for a relationship, education and specific exercises are designed to rebuild the sexual relationship from the ground up.

If personalized hypnosis or guided visualizations are ever a part of the medicine you are seeking, they will always be recorded and gifted to you to listen to forever!

See my About page to discover why I how freed myself from the medical model of treatment and transitioned to a private pay investment.

Sex coaching sessions are exchanged at $300 per session. The goal is never long term. Dr. Alexandria desires you to reclaim your pleasure and integrate your sexuality fully into being and to develop devotion to yourSelf.


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