Alexandria's course on sacred sexuality called Turned On

Turned On

A unique online course on Sacred Sexuality & reclaiming your fierce feminine power.

A 9 month journey to reclaiming Divine Feminine Pleasure by reintegrating the sexual self into being and Reclaiming your rite of pleasure

Explore your sacred sexuality through Alexandria’s one-of-a-kind course for women.  Turned On is a 9 month deep dive into the realms of the Self. It is a time to descend into the darkness, to spiritually die and reborn over and over again. 

Turned On was designed out of necessity. It was the online course that Dr. Alexandria Saunders craved. Through this craving and countless hours of devotion, Turned On was born. 

Turned On is a reprogramming to release the harmful lessons of distortion that keep the feminine small and helpless in order to own the rite to fierce power. It is through developing relationship with the body that we uncover the depths of power within. It is through connection with the Womb that we listen and honor our inner knowing and inner feeling, trusting in the ancient wisdom that resides within women. It is through the portal of the Yoni that we uncover the magnitude of pleasure expansion throughout our body. 

This program is for you if you feel called to become your own medicine woman, if you are highly motivated to grow your knowledge and awareness of Tantric arts and Yoni healing. It is for you if you are being called to devote your life to your highest Self, to the Divine Feminine within, to Shakti. It is for you if you crave a blending of medicine, including movement, inner journeys, underworld journeys, upper world healing, subconscious reprogramming, writing, sex magic practices, Kundalini and Shakti Yoga, Goddess and archetypes deep dives, and Shakti wisdom. It is for you if you feel that Shakti is awakening within you and you want to create spaciousness within, allowing her presence to be one of sovereignty. 

Each portal we move into will include a mix of written lessons, audio lessons, guided recorded journeys (inner and under world), guided visualizations, guided hypnosis for reprogramming, movement practices, written prompts to deepen connection with parts of the Self, Yoni healing practices, rewilding practices, Tantra practices and lessons, psychosocial and sexual unlearning and learning, as well as much more. 

Turned On is a safe space for you to show up for yourself, coming into relationship with Her through deep healing and pleasure embodiment. 

Portal 1: 

In the first portal, Reclaiming Shakti, It is within these 8 weeks that we will shed the lessons that no longer serve your highest Self. We will dive into a temple of devotion to begin the descent downward to let go of all that was programmed in service of a wounded and distorted society and begin to explore the depths of our soul. 

Topics covered include: 

Week 1: the Archetypes of The Virgin and The Whore 

Week 2: Welcome Shakti 

Week 3: Enter the Temple 

Week 4: Unlearning to Learn 

Week 5: Reactivity 

Week 6: Breath of Divine Life

Week 7: Rooting into the Mother 

Week 8: Pleasure 

Portal 2: 

In the second portal, Redeeming the Divine Feminine, within the darkest and quietest of times we turn inward to meet heal wounds and to meet our spiritual death head on, emerging from a rite of passage of clarity and devotion. 

Topics covered include: 

Week 1: the Archetype of The Burning Woman 

Week 2: Wounds of the Feminine 

Week 3: Healing the Hara 

Week 4: Path of Devotion 

Week 5: Ritual Living 

Week 6: Emotional Safety 

Week 7: Sexual Safety 

Week 8: Sacred Sexuality 1.0 

Portal 3: 

In the third portal, Reintegrating Sacred Sexuality, we begin to see new buds appear. We alchemize lessons into embodiment. It is in this portal that we hone the relationship with the feminine self and uncover the path within to the Divine. 

Topics covered include: 

Week 1: the Archetype of The Wild Woman 

Week 2: Red Tent 

Week 3: Wounded Self 

Week 4: Authenticity 

Week 5: Embodiment 

Week 6: Alchemy 

Week 7: Balance 

Week 8: Sacred Sexuality 2.0 

Portal 4: 

In the final portal, Restoring Embodied Pleasure, we usher into the realm of play. It is through engaging fully into pleasure that we are able to emerge as whole being, fully integrating our sexual self and honoring our birthright of pleasure. 

Topics covered include: 

Week 1: the Archetype The Lover 

Week 2: the Archetype The Queen 

Week 3: Voice 

Week 4: Desire

Week 5: Pleasure 2.0

Week 6: Orgasm

Week 7: Beloved

Week 8: Sacred Living

Your Instructor

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Dr. Alexandria Saunders

As a holistic healer, Dr. Alexandria Saunders left a broke, flawed system of medical mental and sexual health and shifted into the depths of her inner knowing and feeling, sourced from ancient wisdom in her heart. It is through this wisdom and healing the these offerings are brought to you.


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