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Shakti Medicine is a unique approach to healing. As a professional, Dr. Alexandria felt stifled by limitations of the medical model of emotional and sexual health. She felt as if she could not fully enter into the space of ritual and ceremonious care due to restraints of titles and expectations. It is because of over a decade of experience and feeling unable to ignore the pull of her soul’s purpose, that Shakti Medicine was born.

Shakti Medicine is a melting pot of healing crafted from Tantra, Shakti Yoga, Somatic Experiencing, Sex Magic, Sacred Sexuality practices, Shadow work, archetypal exploration, Hypnosis, healing trauma, Priestess Initiations, Rites of Passage, Womb Healing, Full body and Yoni De-Armouring, Kundalini Bodywork, Past Life Regression, Pleasure Practices, and traditional therapeutic studies along with personal devotional practice. All of this blends together for a unique integrative medicinal experience.

Through years of trying and failing to fit into the medical model of emotional and sexual health, Dr. Alexandria felt a stirring that could no longer be ignored. She could no longer offer stagnant services that were guided by diagnosis, symptoms, and treatment plans. These restrictions to care limited her own intuitive abilities to heal from her true source of power, aligning with her soul’s purpose and using her authenticity to help hold others.

Women are built differently. Women heal differently. Women are a part of an ancient lineage of medicine healing that honors the energies, power, and  specific body of the feminine. It is through coming into relationship with these ancient teachings that true acceptance and self-love can occur. It is through deepening the relationship to the self while being tenderly held in the safety of the Shakti space that Dr. Alexandria truly thrives as a Medicine Woman.

Shakti Medicine blends ancient wisdom with inner knowing and incorporates effective therapeutic approaches to a unique offering of intuitive healing.

Read more below to see if Shakti Medicine is aligned with your inner knowing!

Frequently asked questions

Shakti is the feminine principle of the universe. Shakti is movement, creation, emotion, pleasure, sex, birth, ecstasy, dance, laughter, screaming, crying, shaking, pain. Shakti is dynamic. Shakti literally translates as power. Shakti is the power of the universe.

Shakti is often experienced as Kundalini, which is often visualized and felt as a coiled snake at the base of the spine. It is with movement and intention that we can create space for Her to rise up the spine, activating energy as she flows up.

We never force Shakti to rise with Shakti Medicine, instead we create spaciousness for her to thrive within and move as she feels called.

Shakti is the Divine She. The Goddess. The primal source of all power.

Shakti Medicine is grounded in Tantra. Through energy work, balancing of the masculine and feminine, diving into the shadow, and embodying pleasure, Shakti Medicine offers a unique healing for women that focus on the female body and a recognition that women sometimes feel disconnected in traditional healing approaches. It is with these teachings that Shakti Medicine is firmly rooted in Tantra.

Specifically, Shakti Yoga is also rooted in Tantra. Shakti Yoga is a specific embodied healing practice that focuses on women’s power and pleasure.

Shakti Medicine is specifically designed around a particular woman/femme seeking intuitive healing through the depths of her inner wisdom.

It is for the woman who is highly motivated to put in the effort of exploration. It is for the woman who has tried other forms of therapy or healing and have experienced a block or lack of understanding of the feminine experience. It is for the woman who feels called to reintegrate the parts of the self that have been lost to shame, often starting in childhood. It is for the woman who seeks medicine that easily blends into daily life, making it realistic. It is for the woman who has experienced trauma and wants to heal deeply and fully. It is for the woman who desires healing on a cellular level. It is for the woman who desire healing the matrilineal line. It is for the woman seeking soul retrieval and healing.

It is for the woman who desires a safe and sacred container for working within the depths of the Self. It is for the woman who is unafraid to dive into ancient wisdom to uncover a tether to inner knowing and feeling. It is for the woman who desires devotion to the Self and to Shakti. It is for the woman who is called to seek a Medicine Woman, a Healer who uses intuitive methods instead of prescribed medically-necessary treatment. It is for the woman who understands that time is required for full integration and who is also self motivated and willing to make simple changes for true healing. It is for the woman who is willing to go into the shadows. It is for the woman who feels as if traditional medicine cuts her off from her power. It is for the woman who desires to own her power. It is for the woman who desires to integrate pleasure into her life. It is for the woman who desires a relationship with her womb, her power. It is for the woman who desires investment into herself and trusts in the exchange of money as a holy experience of reciprocation.

Shakti Medicine is not for someone who lacks motivation. It is not for someone who needs a diagnosis to understand the self. It is not for someone who is attached to the idea “there’s something wrong with me.” It is not for someone who has little to no understanding of their spiritual connection. It is not for someone who lacks a willingness to invest in their healing. It is not for someone who is seeking to be “fixed.” It is not for someone who cannot devote some time and energy to herSelf. It is not for someone who is attached to a medical approach to mental/emotional/sexual health.

Shakti Medicine understands that traditional therapy often cuts women off from their primal power. The medical model is based in distorted masculine treatment that emphasizes outcome over process. It emphasizes medically necessary treatment and lacks the recognition of the Self as capable of determining treatment and approach. It is traditionally talk down and women need a descension into the shadows to truly heal. Even with diving into holistic approaches to therapy, when trapped by insurance companies, the model becomes dependent on toxic criteria for services.

Understanding the female body and the specific rites of passage, cycles, and rhythms of women are specific to Shakti Medicine. It is through an integrative approach in which we combine embodied work (Shakti Yoga), womb healing, Tantra, inner guided experiences, upper world and underworld, subconscious reprogramming, embodiment practices, journaling, pleasure, value-based living, unlearning and learning, with  intuitive healing to hold a sacred, safe space for relationship with the Self to deepen. It is with this relationship that healing is a possibility.

Shakti Medicine is the foundation of much of Dr. Alexandria’s work. It is through the body that women heal. Shakti Medicine focuses much of its energy on grounding into Mother Earth and grounding into the body, instead of transcending above or beyond the body. It is through the understanding that healing must happen in the body that Shakti medicine provides the safe space for diving into the well of wisdom within to come into relationship with emotions without judgment, to come into relationship with the sexual self without fear. Shakti Medicine values the essence that the body and the mind and the heart are one in the same.

Dr. Alexandria Saunders has  PhD in clinical sexology and many certifications, including EMDR therapy, De-Armouring, Kundalini Bodywork, Somatic work, shadow work, Imago Therapy and Clinical Hypnosis.

Dr. Alexandria has completed a year long Tantra teacher training program, a 200 hour YTT certification, and a year long Shakti Yoga faciliator program led by the creatress of Shakti Yoga, Jasmine Rose. It is through these lessons and teachers that Dr. Alexandria Saunders has established daily devotion and practice and blends Shakti Yoga into her unique medicine offerings.

It is also through profound inner experiencing that intuitive medicine is offered, blending experience with training and most important, with inner knowing and feeling.

Shakti Medicine sessions will be 50 minutes in length. They will be intuitively guided by both Dr. Alexandria’s intuition and your intuition to offer you the medicine that would best suit your healing experience.

Some sessions will include reprogramming through hypnosis or going deep into the underworld for soul retrieval, past life regression, or inner experiencing. Some sessions will include movement practices designed for healing through somatic release and to develop an inner knowing with Shakti within. Some sessions will include education and demonstration of how to practice certain healing modalities in between sessions. Ultimately, each session is intuitively codesigned and used to provide You with the medicine that You need.

Shakti Medicine was designed so that Alexandria can work with fewer women at a time, committing to 10 women at a time (plus the Turned On course and other healing programs offered). As such, the work is much deeper with fewer limitations than traditional therapy.

Shakti Medicine is a $300 per session exchange.

To begin, Contact Alexandria to set up a discovery call to determine if everything feels aligned

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