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Conscious Love

A Relationship Course for Women

Awaken to conscious connection with yourself and others.

Do you struggle with relationships? Do you find yourself in the same fight over and over? Do you rely on others to feel good about yourself? Are you reliving the same patterns or even your parent’s relationship patterns? Many of us struggle with relationships because it’s challenging to share time, energy, and space with another being, one who views the world differently based on their own experiences. In this 4 week relationship course, you will be guided to:

  • Reflect on lessons learned
  • Awaken to the concept of Emotional Safety
  • Connect with another being through sacred honoring
  • Integrate conscious, loving acceptance through practical tools

This course offers you an alternative approach to healthy, happy, meaningful connection with others. You will be given writing prompts to deepen your internal connection and uncover the shadow within. You will also use guided meditation, mindfulness exercises, and visualizations to learn sacred honoring.

If you feel called to shift your perception of love to a more conscious connection, then accept the invitation.

Your Instructor

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Dr. Alexandria Saunders

As a holistic healer, Dr. Alexandria Saunders left a broke, flawed system of medical mental and sexual health and shifted into the depths of her inner knowing and feeling, sourced from ancient wisdom in her heart. It is through this wisdom and healing the these offerings are brought to you.


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Please enjoy these offerings as gifts to use in your personal awakening. Accept the invitation to connect with your Self deeper by indulging in these conscious creations. 

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