Healing With Meditation-Finding Peace Within

Mediation often evokes the image of someone blissfully seated cross-legged, thumb and forefinger touching, eyes closed. I believe that this image often comes to mind when we think of mediation because it elicits one thing- peace. Isn’t that something we all want? The wonderful secret is that it can only be found in one thing- Now.

I want to share with you my personal journey of meditation.

I found meditation about ten years ago. It was not something that I felt instantly connected to. In fact, it took another four years for me to develop a daily practice. I found meditation like many people do, because I was feeling lost. Something was missing. I was anxious, hurried, confused, and had a lot of self-doubt. I didn’t believe in myself. In short, I was uncomfortable in my own skin.

I felt shame and anxiety daily. I spent time in my head imagining scenarios of horrible things happening to those I love. This led to anxiety and a very real fear that I was going to somehow make these thoughts a reality because they were playing in my head (sounds extreme, but you’d be surprised how many people have these thoughts and they feel out of control!) At the same time, my self-esteem was at an all time low. I was dating an older, more emotionally mature man who actually expected me to talk about my feelings and would not let me get by with saying “I’m fine” when I clearly wasn’t fine.

After a few years, my boyfriend (now husband) began experiencing intense anxiety and panic attacks. I was going to school to get my master’s degree, working full time and felt like I couldn’t cope with anymore stress. Enter mediation.

I began meditating after reading books and videos because I was desperately seeking guidance. I started slow, with a devoted daily meditation time. Sometimes this was only five minutes a day, but that’s all I needed. I began noticing subtle shifts in my perception. When I made a mistake, I did not spend all day in my head condemning myself to shame. I accepted and let it go. Seriously. It wasn’t even hard. After years of unhealthy relationships with family, I found myself subconsciously releasing attachments and feeling free. It was like a big burden lifted off of my chest.

Meditation freed me. I had to try it for myself. I couldn’t just hear people talking about it’s transformative power, I had to participate and engage in my own life. Now there’s no turning back. My mediation practice has evolved over time. I’ve spent hours in mediation in one day and I’ve gone weeks without, but I always return. Meditation has evolved into a state of being. It is with me because it is me.

Don’t believe me. Do your own research, but most importantly, if meditation is something you are interested in or you feel could offer hope and peace, try it out. There are no harmful side effects.

Check out this article https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2017/06/170615213301.htm about the amazing brain-altering effects that meditation can have. Or check out this analysis of thousands of studies done by researchers at Johns Hopkins .

All you need is yourself. You can always subscribe to my website of Conscious Counseling Services to get free monthly guided meditations, but there are tons of free videos on YouTube and even apps if you’re into guided stuff. Take the leap and treat yourSelf to some peace. Allow your inner waters to calm and be in control.

This is your moment.

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