How to overcome the time “deficit”

Time. Time is something that most of us all have in common-that is we all think we have a deficit of time. I have moments where I believe I have too many things on my plate and I use the word I try to avoid-overwhelm.

I don’t like to use this feeling to describe my situation because even when I think the word overwhelm, I feel motivation leaving me. I can feel myself give up. So, I follow these steps to explore my internal conflicts (the external ones always work themselves out once I honor my true feelings.)

How to Deal with Internal Conflict:

1. How do I really feel? Yes, overwhelmed is a feeling, but I challenge myself to go deeper. Awaken to the feelings under the surface. Is fear driving my overwhelm due to feeling afraid that I won’t make deadlines or accomplish tasks today? Is the fear of being judged driving this contest to complete, complete, complete! Accomplish, accomplish, accomplish! External pressure often accompanies overwhelm. We believe we should be able to handle all of “this” and when we can’t, we feel ashamed. This is an emotion hiding under the surface that is desperate for acknowledgment. Shame often hides beneath overwhelm. Allow your consciousness to bring your emotions forward, out of the depths. You can try one of these tips out:

  • Pause. Focus on your breath, inhale, exhale, slowly. Repeat. Ask yourself how you feel. Listen to the answer.
  • Close your eyes and set an intention by asking how you really feel, deep down, then journal. The trick here is committing pen to paper, don’t lift the pen at all. If you think “I don’t know what to write,” you actually write “I don’t know what to write.”

2. Now that you know how you feel, treasure this feeling. Honor this emotion. Just like a small baby, your emotions crave attention and nurturing. Give it to them. Cry. Take a bath. Go for a walk. Meditate. Breathe. Cook or bake. Sing. Dance. Write poetry. Do whatever you need to honor this emotion. You do have the time to do this. This is now a priority. If it’s not, the overwhelm will continue to return over and over.

3. Get organized! This could mean delegating to others, getting a planner and actually using it. But most importantly, it means prioritizing. Some things will need to wait to be accomplished and that’s ok. This can be your mantra through this process (it’s mine), “this is okay.” Now that you’ve connected with your true feelings, you are able to rest in the organization. Trust in the process. Make lists and number them in order of importance. There is wiggle room. You can do this. And you can say no.

We are living in a “yes” culture. We may feel compelled to say “yes” to a party, a family gathering, a volunteer opportunity, a work luncheon, an extra project, whatever. You can give yourself divine permission to say “No.” Own your refusal. You don’t have to buy into the allure of busyness. It’s not real. It’s a facade. It won’t bring happiness and if it won’t bring happiness, what’s the point? Let your values guide your yeses and nos. The time that’s available to you is perfect. Awaken to your true feelings. Reorganize your priorities. Align these with your values. Feel a deeper sense of satisfaction. And remember, it’s ok to put things off, it’s ok to say no, it’s ok to chill, it’s all ok.

I am writing this blog with light and love. Take what works for you and leave the rest. May you awaken to your Self, connect with your inner light, and integrate consciousness. May you feel peace. May you trust your Self. Blessings.

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